Company profile

FIBERMAX COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED is one of the leading and the most fast-growing manufactures of fiber optic products in China. The company mandate was and still is to provide fiber optic communication products of the highest quality, for a very good price and offer levels of service way beyond being offered by any other competitors.

Currently FIBERMAX can offer the complete product lines including compatible optical transceivers , Media converter, DAC Twinax Cable assembly, FTTH Fast Connectors, PLC Splitters, FBT Coupler, FTTH Distribution Box, FTTH Drop Cables and FTTH path cords, etc, We provide to our customers with our high-performance, cost-effective products to fulfill their requirements, contributing this way to the customer’s success and satisfaction.
FIBERMAX have stayed true to this mandate, the company has grown consistently year on year and now has many regular high profile customers including the largest ISPs, Government Departments, and Telecom Companies.
With deep expertise across telecommunication field, FIBERMAX is committed to being a reliable partner in optical communication and FTTH industry. We work closely with you to identify your specific business needs, and tailor a solution that delivers results.