FTTH Fast Connector

FTTH Fast Connectors, SC Series, FC Series, SM and MM Fiber Mode, No-polished in Factory.
  • Features

  •  No-polished in factory.
  • Connector type: SC, FC.
  • Low in sertion loss: <0.3dB.
  • High return loss: PC≥50dB, APC≥55Db.
  • High tensile strength: >20N.
  • Can be assembled easily and quickly.
  • Applied for FTTH, optical fiber cable quick-repaired.
  • Applications

  • FTTH.
  • Optical fiber cable quick-repair.
FTTH Fast Connector

Item Technical Data
Cable type 900um, 2mm, 3mm fiber, 3.1mm×2.0mmbutterfly cable
Connector type SC/APC, SC/UPC
Fiber dimension 125um( 652& 657)
Fiber type Customer specified
Fiber mode SM & MM
Insertion loss Typ.:0.25dB, Max.:0.5dB(1310nm&1550nm)
Return loss PC≥40dB APC≥55dB
Tensile strength 900um:>4N,2mm/3mm:>20N
Operating temperature -40 °C~+85 °C
Temperature cycling IL≤0.2dB, RL≤5dB
Vibration IL≤0.2dB, RL≤5dB
Low Temperature Storage-40℃ IL≤0.2dB, RL≤5dB
85%H IL≤0.2dB, RL≤5dB